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Extra heavy Five Star Bayan

Bayan Tablaset

Professional Tabla Quality:
Dayan Mahagony or Shisham Wood (3,5 - 4 kilo)
Bayan (ca. 3,5 kg) chrome-plated Copper

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premium Bayan
Premium Bayan
Premium Tabla
Premium Dayan (Tabla)
Premium Tabla
Premium Dayan (Tabla)
Premium Tabla
Premium Dayan (Tabla)

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This tabla quality provides an excellent sound with an open, sustained and warm-sounding note. Only the best materials are used in the fabrication. Dried wood with a high density and excellent vibrating qualities, good belts and hides that are processed with particular care by an experienced craftsman ensure that the Premium Quality Tablas are outstanding instruments which satisfy the highest professional demands.
The Premium as well as the Five Star Quality Tabla, where especially the dayan (tabla – melody drum) is subjected to an even longer and more intensive manufacturing and selection process, we owe to our tabla maestro Sajal Karmakar and his absolutely perfectionistic demands that he makes both in his art as a tabla player as well as in the assessment of his instruments.
Sajal Karmakar himself chooses from the suppliers the basic materials which are required for the manufacturing of a tabla set. He carefully selects the wooden shells according to density, vibrating qualities and maturity or dryness of the wood. In any case the materials undergo an additional drying process for months to make sure that the wood is really completely dry. Only then the good vibrating qualities inherent in the wood can be fully appreciated. Furthermore he commissions a tabla maker, who is well-known to him, to manufacture the tablas. Since Sajal Karmakar is a well reputed and respected tabla maestro in Kolkata with a bachelor’s degree in vocals, he is held in high esteem and so the instruments are made to meet his expectations.

During the whole manufacturing process Sajal Karmakar permanently monitors the Premium Quality Tabla. He personally carries out the selection of the craftsman who has the best experience and prudence in manufacturing the tabla hides and he checks each and every intermediate step up to the completion of the instrument. A special degree of skill is necessary for making the Syahi or Gab the black spot in the middle which has to be processed after each of the 5 up to 8 levels). For the next higher quality level, the Five Star Dayan (Tabla – the wooden melody drum), Sajal Karmakar applies even higher and stricter requirements and criteria for selection and finishing treatment. For this, see the description of the Five Star category.

Article: Tabla-Set Premium
inclusive Five Star Accessory-Set
Price: 540.-- Euro

Article: Accessory Set Five Star
(Rings, Covers, Hammer)
Price: 63.-- Euro

Article: Dayan Premium
Price: 219.-- Euro

Article: Bayan Premium
Price: 319.-- Euro

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